Environment, problems, legislation, solution!

What problem are you solving?:

Environment in Albania is a big issue. Although it is an important part of everyone’s, life people often are indifferent. You find everyday law breaking examples. This project would like to raise awareness of a wide target on environment. Creation of a webpage www.sebashkupermjedisin will be the tool to address all environmental issues. The website will be fulfilled with the environmental legislation, cases of law breaking, ways to react, models of abroad for a better and safer environment.

Describe your idea:

If we refer to the European Commission Report for Albania 2009, the chapter on environment, the general comment was:
“There has been limited progress in the area of horizontal legislation…Overall, there have been some positive legislative developments but implementation and enforcement remain weak”.
So the content of the message is very clear and there are lots of elements impacting this situation. We would like to sensitize the wide public for the situation where the environment in Albania is nowadays, and to stimulate pro-environmental behaviors and actions.The website will have important information, the environmental legislation, the examples of law breaking, the measures to be taken, models of good environmental action from abroad, etc. The Center of Ekolevizja Group, will use its resources of information and expertize to fulfill the goal of this initiative

What country will this operate in?: Albania

Who are you?:

The “EKOLEVIZJA” Group is an alliance of 37 environmental NGOs, created in January, 2004, a unique countrywide network committed to environment protection and sustainable management. The Group was created as a result of the indispensibility of strengthening the joint voice and willingness to build up the synergy and undertake concerted actions of the civil society to exert the demanding presure to the decision-makers in this developement stage of the country, to prevent the negative environment impact and sustain an environmnetally friendly development.