Law Proposals – you have a law to decide on a law

What problem are you solving?:

Most people, when we say about law, see a government, court of justice, politicians, strange procedures and treat it as a topic that do not concern them. They do not feel they can do anything with it, that they have real impact on how the law can be changed. Moreover, people usually do not see that the choices they are making during the election have something common with the law. The true is that all the people are those who have right to decide, because the law is not something above us but something among us. The politicians should respect our needs when creating law proposals, because we have chosen them on our representation in the government. This is the foundation of democracy. To encourage people in active participation in law preparing, we want to show people that law is common and concern everybody. Moreover people may influence on it and we should talk about it so the politicians could change it according to our needs.

Describe your idea:

The idea of project is to prepare an interactive, transparent tool – world wide web, based on open source solutions, where all the parties, politicians, NGO’s and groups of citizens can put and present an act proposal before it becomes obligatory. Thanks to it, proposals will be publicly available – everybody can read it, rate it, put a comment. To present this tool to a wider public we would like to arrange some meetings and prepare trainings on how to use it, combined with the discussion on social engagement in law preparing. Campaigns in press, radio and television will be organized to spread the information about this social web. The portal will show quantity and quality of draft laws and allow any citizen to comment on proposed laws and contribute to its improvement and development. Such a possibility is the foundation of democracy. At the same time the political parties receive a very effective tool which enables them presentation of their contribution on the law creation.

What country will this operate in?: Poland

Who are you?:

I represent the “Fundacja Rozwoju Edukacji i Kultury (FREiK) ‘MIERZESZYN’” (”Education and Culture Development Foundation ‘MIERZESZYN’”), which has a legal status of a public benefit organization. We support initiatives that encourage the strengthening of social ties and local solidarity by involving local residents. One of our statutory aim is to strengthen social capital through the development of social economy: activation and mobilization of local partners, regional and national support for civil society institutions, building partnerships between the public and private social support citizenship, the construction of decentralized networks of social interaction. Until the present day the Foundation has successfully run several projects. The latest one is “Active, competent, progressive – job activation of youth and ICT learning for children from municipality of Trąbki Wielkie” supported from European Social Fund within the Human Capital Program.