What problem are you solving?:

Currently, Poland is the largest EU member state in which same sex
relationships have no effective legal safeguards, as well as one of
the few European countries where the discussion on this issue has not
been sufficiently taken on by the authorities. The aim of this
campaign is to monitor the debate which is beginning right now.
Creation of a website that will monitor the discussion on civil unions
and enquiring as many political leaders about this matter as possible,
will allow to gather previously scattered data and enable the analysis
of discourse – both quantitative and qualitative.

We plan to:
1. monitor what political leaders and other opinion leaders are saying
about the issue of civil unions in the media, and put it up on the
2. survey the candidates in upcoming elections:
1) presidential elections 2010,
2) local elections (mayors) 2010,
3) general elections 2011.

Describe your idea:

We plan to create a website consisting of the following elements:
1. Information about the statements of opinion leaders and press
reports regarding civil unions – updated in news form.
2. Information on the activities of NGOs, political parties, the
Government and other centres of opinion regarding civil unions.
3. A section, where one will be able to see what and when did an MP,
or government official, say about civil unions.
4. A section showing the frequency in which the subject is brought up
in media appearances, with data arranged according to party
affiliation, as well as attitude towards civil unions.
5. A survey, conducted prior to each election (until the end of 2011),
regarding civil unions, targeted at election candidates. Answers will
undergo a quantitative and qualitative analysis and will be presented on a section within the website in form of diagrams and descriptions.
6. Experts’ views, opinions and analysis resulting from the data

What country will this operate in?: Poland

Who are you?:

Beginnings of SPR date back to January 2006, when a branch of Campaign
Against Homophobia (CAH), a Warsaw-based LGBTQ association, was
established in Toruń. In December
2008 CAH Toruń was transformed into an independent and fully-fledged
association called Diversity Workspace (SPR).
After four years of activity SPR’s accomplishments include: annual QueerFest
festivals in Toruń,
outdoor actions, e.g. Anti-Homophobic Clinics in Toruń, in Grudziądz and Włocławek and
Day Of Silence demos, a poster campaign
(”You are not alone” December 2007), public debates with
scientists, politicians, journalists and others opinion leaders, and Living
Library events.
Since its establishing as an independent LGBTQ association SPR is
active not only locally, but also nationally.

In addition, thanks to the twin-city link
between Toruń and Leiden (Netherlands), SPR has close ties with its
Dutch counterpart – COC Leiden.