Podobro sobranie (A better assembly)

What problem are you solving?:

All of the laws, declarations, laws all of the transcripts, everything the Macedonian assembly and its committees have ever done is published as a word document.

We are solving the problem of transparency and freedom of information as well as vendor locking using a proprietary format to store publicly accessible information.

Describe your idea:

We are going to scrape the documents from the sobranie.mk website, we are going to use openoffice server side to convert the documents into Open Document text and we are going to save it as txt and html so it can be published at sobr.anie.mk. This will provide the citizens with the ability ti search these materials online and they will be indexed and cached by Google, yahoo and Bing.

As long as we have these materials it will also be a challenge and an adventure to see how much work they do, how much documents they publish and it will provide a certain metrics to be publicly available about the Macedonian assembly.

What country will this operate in?: Macedonia

Who are you?:

Free Software Macedonia is a non-profit organization that works with Free Software as in freedom in the Republic of Macedonia. FSM is dedicated to promotion of Free Software, creating awareness of both the economic and socio-ethical context of Free software especially for a developing country such as Macedonia.

FSM was established in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia in 2002. It is the only NGO in the country that deals with the issues of Free Software. Also, Free Software Macedonia works on issues related to Open Standards and Free Culture.

We are running the KIKA hacklab in Skopje, we are looking for interesting public projects that we can deliver to the citizens and that will help us to pay the rent for our hacklab.

We would like to use our technical skills and expertise to help free the information and data to be accessible to the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.