Public web-media: Public informational center of social partnership

What problem are you solving?:

Collaboration of three sectors – power, business and public is necessary for harmonious development of democratic society. Each of them executes the functions which are indisputably directed on solving of certain society problems. However accumulated efforts can result in more effective dealing with urgent issues through forming of problem and joint search of ways of its decision by all possible methods and ways, but within framework of basic functions of each sectors.
As representatives of all sectors of society repeatedly marked during the discussion of the harmonious development issue, absence of experience and skills of co-operation of authority and business with the third sector constitutes a certain problem in harmonious development. One of the reasons is a limited access of active representatives of society to traditional MASS-MEDIA that requires search of alternative sources of informing.

Describe your idea:

Establishment of non-politically committed informational resource which from one side will provide community with complex of social professionally worked out information (interview, reporting, analytical video- and audio-materials, articles etc.), and from the other side it will provide development of civic journalism, primarily on the bases of Web 2.0 technologies.
That center will provide NGOs with free of charge informational services.
The project is expected to fill in the informational space with socially significant information – video-clips, interviews and analytical materials on public activists, NGOs, initiative groups’ activities.
For increase of reach and its engagement into the process of social partnership establishment a project developers foresee the holding of complex on-line events.
This information will assist in establishment of partnership between NGOs themselves, NGOs and Business, NGOs and Authority.

What country will this operate in?: Ukraine

Who are you?:

Members of the NGO «UkrProstir» have over ten years of successful experience in the field of media development and implementation of PR-campaigns in social and commercial areas and of work in publishing sector.
The main purpose of the organization are:
– to improve the effectiveness of non-governmental organizations and to promote active cooperation in the third sector, NGO interaction with the authorities and the media
– to develop information programs with NGOs to strengthen civil society
– to attract the community to discuss important social issues.
– organization and holding of press-conferences, briefings, presentations, roundtables;
– preparation and placement of press releases, press announces, special materials for Mass Media;
– design and production of audio-video clips of social advertising;
– websites development – design, programming, imposition, administration;
– development and implementation of social, advertising and PR campaigns.


  1. I was searching for web-media and found this project which i think will be very helpful in developing of civil journalism in Ukraine. A lot of Ukrainian people will need a “social professionally worked out information” as written in this project. I have been visited a website of «UkrProstir» and i think they really can do a great informational resource which will be very important for ukrainian society.

  2. To my mind such project is absolutely up to date. Lack of professionally drafted social informational materials, no matter they are made in written, video or audio forms, leads to public unawareness of what is going on. If you look through the Ukrprostir company website you will see that this is a group of professional, committed and socially oriented people that try their best to make things better. They can really develop perfect informational web-resource that will provide good quality informational products.