AIESEC Prilep web page

What problem are you solving?:

Our organization is student organization and the main idea is to make exchange between student of different counties. With this we are making positive impact of the society because with this exchange process the student are bringing new ideas and new experience in their countries. Also we are having projects in which are given chance to students to be a leader and to lead a team.With this project we are making positive impact of the society, because with this projects we are solving some problems of the society.

Describe your idea:

Our idea is to design web page for our Local Committee Prilep of AIESEC, because we need to promote our work and opportunities that we offer. Also this page will be used for recruiting new members and also for communication and collaboration with others local Committees from other countries. This page is very important for our organization because now Internet is most used place for communication and marketing.

What country will this operate in?: Macedonia

Who are you?:

This is one international organization for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. It exist in 108 countries, and it have around 50 000 members. Our local Committee is in Macedonia in city Prilep. The idea of this organization is to create new leaders and change agents that in the future can make some positive changes in the world.