Local authorities work together with communities

What problem are you solving?:

In districts Căuşeni and Ştefan Vodă (South-East part of Moldova) are 76 localities (50 mayoralties) of which no locality haven’t a personal website or a blog. In this region turns 223 NGOs of which only 2 NGOs have a personal beginner site. In this region hasn’t a resource center such as in other region of country. Thus was created the lack of transparency in activity of NGOs and LPA in Southeastern part of Republic Moldova that leads to stagnation of activity with all its consequences. This initiative will encourage transparency and citizen participation will be strengthened.
One of the most important impacts of the project will be the growing trust of population in the NGOs and LPAs. Project’s beneficiaries will study to work for democratic values promotion and effective community development.
The project will be an example, at regional and national level, of profound collaboration between community and public sector from region.

Describe your idea:

The project is based on information, training, consultancy and exchange of experience for associative and public sectors. Will be developed database of 50 LPAs and 30 active NGOs from region. The necessity of project is because of chaotic and individual activity of NGOs and LPAs in the region, lack of a mechanism of information, collaboration and knowledge transfer, which contributes to the stagnation of society. By implementing the project will be provided transparency of public authorities and civil society, information flow and transfer of knowledge, freedom of communication and access to information, effective cooperation between all social actors.
The project methods and mechanisms used is completely innovative, because will be created an informational portal for communication and transfer of knowledge, accessible to users locally, nationally and internationally. This will increase communication and cooperation between all social actors.

What country will this operate in?: Moldova

Who are you?:

Tighina Informational Center, TIC, has registered as nongovernmental organization in 2000 year. The goal of TIC is support of informational development in Causeni and Stefan Voda rayons (South-East part of Moldova) in all spheres of activity, transparency and access to local, national and international information. Target group of TIC are all social categories of population, the public and associative sectors from the region. The population of rayons is 176000 habitants. Always the activity has unfolded in partnership with all local structures and communities.
TIC has a qualified staff. The local and national experts are involved part/time in project and activities of organization. Since 2000 year to present Tighina Informational Center (TIC) has implemented 27 projects in many domains and is one of the best organization from region.
TIC is member of National Youth Council of Moldova and respective of European Youth Forum.