Slot machine of the day

What problem are you solving?:

The Czech Republic is slot machine’s paradise. It is a country with the most casinos and gambling houses in the world. Part of this is because of the deficient legislation, another reason is breaking the present laws. According to the lottery law: „Keeping a gambling house shall not be allowed in schools, school facilities, social and health care facilities, buildings of state authorities, churches and also in their neighbourhood“. The neighbourhood is defined as a circle around these buildings with 100 metres radius and the municipality can reduce this radius using the local ordinance. Towns and cities without this kind of local ordinance are breaking the law by allowing gambling houses everywhere. In the towns and cities with this local ordinance the authorities do not check the actual distance from schools, school facilities, social and health care facilities, buildings of state authorities and churches when allowing a new slot machine.

Describe your idea:

The city of Brno in its new local ordinance defines the neigbourhood exactly as a 100 metres radius. According to our own investigation we judge that in the city of Brno there is at least 100 slot machines allowed contrary to law. We would like to create a pilot public website for city of Brno with the possibility of inserting the photos of gambling houses with measuring the distance or at least describing the gambling houses which are located in the neighbourhood. We will verify these information and ask the local authorities about this particular gambling house and we will call for correction. We will be demanding the correction (cancellation of the gambling house) also through representatives and courts. This website should later expand to the whole country. The aim of this project is to push back the gambling houses (slot machines) from the neighbourhood where they should not be according to a law.

What country will this operate in?: Czech Republic

Who are you?:

I come from Brno, 25 years old, bachelor of Musicalogy (FF MU Brno), environmentalist, member of Veronica (, the Basic organization of Czech Union for Nature Conservation (ČSOP), activist in various local traffic cases, member of Green party. And lately I became actively engaged in a restriction of gambling, because of especially low governmental interest in this significant problem in the Czech Republic.