What problem are you solving?:

trasparency in local government. involvement of the citizens in local government issues.
citizen-governors better intercourse etc.

Describe your idea:

a website, maybe latter accompanied by a monthly paper, however firstly electronic, who would deal with the local government issues for the district of lezha. I see it like this, a common page for all the ten local entities of the Lezha district, a window for each. Like the Municipality of Lezha, communes of Shengjin, Shenkolle, Balldre, Ungrej, Kallmet, Kolsh, Dajç, Blinisht and Zejmen and one window for the district governors.
Each window would contain the main icons
And of course there would be a main page where the most successful projects, the most interesting idea and the other side most problematic issue and worse governing matters would be present.
And all issues must have the possibility for the citizens to comment. The staff would make sure that the comments, requests, and all the issues reaches the right ear.

What country will this operate in?: Albania

Who are you?:

I work as the specialist for the foreign affairs at the municipality of lezha. often I see that there is little collaboration between governors and citizens. I think this is a national problem, maybe emerging from the division government-people in the history of my nation. however I believe that whatever governor wants to govern best must hear the people and not pretend that he knows all the matters.
i am graduated as a teacher of English at the university of Tirana, worked as an emigrant in Italy for 7 years, collaborated with different international, Italian and Albanian organizations, worked as a journalist in Albania and Italy and translated.
actually I started a project called www.oraret.com, and when I saw your call I think this is what I wanted even from oraret.com because having a voice that is what people need. it would help making things systematic and more efficient.
i hope we can work together.