Internet Governance for transparency and accountability

What problem are you solving?:

Transparency and accountability are amongst many other issues on the Agenda of any Government. In order for Govs to be accountable to their citizens, Govs need specific instruments for doing it. Implementation of these instruments require a certain capacity, knowledge and expertise from various stakeholders at the country level in areas related to information dissemination, Internet, E-Governance and Internet Governance with all components following under the last two…
The experience of the Youth Leaders for Community Development through Internet Governance project implemented by the CMB Training Center Moldova back in 2007-2008 showed that there is lack of this capacity, skills and expertise at the local level and that more should be done in terms of capacity building for the Govs and their agencies in this area.

Describe your idea:

The main idea of this proposal is build the capacity of 25 key stakeholders in the country in area of Internet Governance including on transparency and accountability via the systemic use of Internet and other ICTs for Development.
The main idea is to provide
1. A capacity building program for representatives of NARTI,Ministry of Information Technologies and Communication, Molddata, Center for special telecommunications, etc.
2. Research on the effects Internet and the information disseminated via Internet on the developments in the society/on the community;
3. National conference on the role of ICTs and Internet on transparency and accountability in the community, based on the main findings of the project.

What country will this operate in?: Moldova

Who are you?:

“CMB” Training Center is active since 2002 in Moldova.

EXPERIENCE RELATED TO INTERNET GOVERNANCE: Veronica Cretu, President of the CMB Training Center acted as an online coordinator for Europe region, within the Internet Governance Capacity Building Program, with DiploFoundation, Malta since May 2005 – till May 2008.

Additionally, Mrs. Cretu acted as At Large Advisory Committee Member for South-Eastern Europe within the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbering (ICANN) from USA during May 2007-May 2008. Mrs. Cretu was in charge of the Organizational Development of the At-large Advisory Committee.
Additionally, Veronica participated in the 1st and 2nd Internet Governance Forums (Athens and Rio de Janeiro), as well as acted as Internet Society Ambassador for IGF in Rio! Veronica also coordinated the Youth Leaders for Community Development for Internet Governance project in Moldova with support from Global Knowledge Partnership, Malaysia.