e democracy platfrom for Sout East Europe

What problem are you solving?:

By definition e democracy means utilization of the Internet to enhance democratic processes, where the enhancement comes in the form of making the processes more accessible and public participation more direct so as to enable broader influence in public policy outcomes.
With creation of the regional multilingual e democracy platform, we will encourage thinking about Internet as a democratic medium, increase effective participation, voting equality at decision stage, enlighten understanding, enable citizen’s control of the agenda, and increase inclusiveness.
Regional approach will also address the lack of available information about legislations in SEE, lack of civic participation in comparative analysis, lack of adaptation of regional legislatives and lack of involvement of citizens and CSO’s in the processes of policy making and decision taking.

Describe your idea:

Basic concept of the idea of regional e democracy platform is to create public space within the existing community and democracy. Our plan is to involve ICT policy and Advocacy organizations which are already our partners in the region, together with their collaborators from SEE in joint action in order to develop and maintain the regional multilingual and interactive e democracy portal within a network of organizations, promote it and make it effective and useful.
We want to create a multilingual information portal which will include set of multimedia tools that support policy advocacy around ICT’s and regional advocacy and policy making processes. Portal and its components will increase the use and relevance of information resources about elections, governance, the media, and public affairs to help address public challenges and promote active citizenship.
Platform network will include organizations form Croatia, B&H, Serbia, Kosovo, Montengro, Macedonia and Albania

What country will this operate in?: Bosnia-Herzegovina

Who are you?:

I am part of owpsee team as Networking and regional cooperation manager.
Oneworld – platform for south east europe (owpsee) is a civil society network in a virtual on line space. We are the multi language and multimedia platform for civil society organizations in the SEE. Our portal www.oneworldsee.org and all our newer supported platforms use information to enable civil society collaboration and mutual learning in the region. We are also a community and network for/of civil society itself with over 80 partner organizations in SEE
Owpsee channel all activities, programs and initiatives according to two main working areas:
1.Information and knowledge
2.Networking and regional cooperation:
Strongly convinced that world is not neutral and that the means need to be coherent/consistent with the goals, we have chosen to pass all our initiative, programs, events trough the filter of:
* Openess in the information and communication technology
* gender sensitized approach


  1. This is an excellent idea! Such small number of orgs is working on Internet Governance issues in the region and few people actually know about it.