– network for social activists

What problem are you solving?:

Presently many public activists use already existent social networks for planning of the actions, mobilization of volunteers and search of resources, for realization of own ideas.
Existent social networks do not have the proper functional. This stops activists from more active use of newest WEB 2.0 projects.

The specialized internet-project must cover next necessities of public activists, who work on grassroots levels.
– mobilization of activists/volunteers,
– search of resources,
– search of social technologies and civic instruments,
– co-ordination and management of initiatives.

Describe your idea:

The purpose of project – create an internet-functional which will help to organize the public activity by facilities the Internet. A social network for practical activity of public activists must become a result projected.

It’s planned, that a portal will have three blocks:
1. Actors: people, organizations, community,
2. Actions: projects, petitions, problems,
3. Knowledge: how to do changes.

The feature of project will be a presence of separate block of project management. It will be to conduct planning of actions, measures, campaigns. To co-ordinate the collaboration of activists within the limits of one project. In public – collecting a money and other resources for embodiment of project.

As a result an internet-resource must help:
– search of activists,
– search of knowledges (examples, histories of success, public instruments),
– realization of ideas.

What country will this operate in?: Ukraine

Who are you?:

Civic Assembly of Ukraine is an informal network of NGO’s, independents experts and activists, which was formed for the position consolidation of civil society to the strategic problems of Ukrainian society through a open discussion.
Assembly based on «grassroots activity» principle. Assembly activity operates in principles of responsibility, openness, objectivity, solidarity and indifference towards political parties.