Rating of dangerous bills

What problem are you solving?:

From time to time people learn about the new law only after our parliament voted for it. Often laws are harmful to the interests of a specific group of citizens, or even for all. In order to be able to watch in advance, we could create a site to let users follow and rate draft bills.

Describe your idea:

To increase transparency of parliament, this project lets users to keep an eye on draft bills by keywords or by draft author with RSS and email alerts.

Collective rating for bill drafts and bill’s authors could be represented in form of “top-Nth most dangerous legislations”. It will bring awareness for citizens and will make future collective actions possible.

Simultaneously information about the rating should be told to the authors of the bills by e-mail and (or) fax communication.

What country will this operate in?: Ukraine

Who are you?:

media activist and programmer, work for http://zaua.org