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What problem are you solving?:

The role of the citizen as an elector does not end up with putting a vote with a candidate’s name into the ballot-box. The citizen has the right to know how the person elected by him performs. Unfortunately, soon after the election, many members of the local government break any contacts with their electors. There are no mechanisms to inform citizens about town councillors and their activity. We want to build a clear system of publicly accessible information about people who fulfill elective public functions or people who run for these functions. Our service will deliver every citizen the access to independent, unbiased information about town councillors. Everybody will be able to compare and assess whether the councillors’ declarations find reflection in real activities.

Describe your idea:

The database declared by candidates for town councilors in local elections in 2010 and info about councilor activity.Video live transmissions of town council meetings for further replay. Every councilor can add new data (updated by admin).All changes with dates.No possiblity to remove promises.Everybody can be sent newsletters.Regular chats with councilors and the mayor,recorded for further replay.Portal will enable to process,present,search and compare collected info.An advanced search-engine will simplify the process of searching for info.It will be transparent and readable for average user with ranking of concillors based on fulfilled promises in a given tenure.Editors will also take part in council sessions and committees to find out how the councilors vote and whether they are active or not.All the data will appear in the publicly accessible database.Website is universal,for use in every town.

What country will this operate in?: Poland

Who are you?:

Stowarzyszenie Malborskie Centrum KWADRAT (MC2) – (Association Malbork Centre SQUARE (MC2) is non-governmental organisation working for development of democracy and citizen society – the society of people who are aware of their obligations and rights, who are engaged in the matters of their local community and the country.
The priority tasks of the Association are: strengthening non-governmental organisations and their role in the social life, increasing citizens’ activity, promoting the rules for the country of law and transparency in public life and developing co-operation, solidarity and social partnership.