What problem are you solving?:

The arrogance of Czech politicians has been growing to an intolerable scale. Corruption and non-transparency is a daily practice at all levels of governance, the media report about it, but that is the end of all causes. Citizens are feeling helpless, resigned, apathetic.

Describe your idea:

The website offers immediate, direct and broad civil society feedback to specific politicians for their specific action(s), as well as the opportunity to give or to withdraw long-term support to any MP or cabinet member.
When the base of “voting” user grows large enough, this will create highly visible and highly competitive platform (politicians can write their opinions as well – just as any other citizen) that will generate significant pressure on transparent and accountable action.
Mass-scale instant feedback is possible only on the internet – and thanks to direct linkage of the website with Facebook.

What country will this operate in?: Czech Republic

Who are you?:

Civil association Změn politiku (Change Politics) is a small registered charity (ever since August 2009) founded by three individuals, two of the founders having a long-standing record as PR, media and fundraising consultants for NGOs. All work that we have done so far (our website is operational, but still requires lots of more work, tuning and improvements) was paid for by us as individuals. We ran out of resources and could use some serious help in discussing the finetuning option of our web.