YurbA! Majority Around!

What problem are you solving?:

Simplifying and activation of local community communications exchange.
In spite of active use of Internet and mobile services, Ukrainian still have lack of experience to use new media to cooperate and coordinate actions on local level. There are several barriers for eInclusion in Ukraine:
1) lack of projects for community use of technologies; 2) weak motivation to use new media for mobilization, declaration of personal opinion; 3) low level of development and access to e-resources in regional authorities; 4) low feedback between public servants and community.

Describe your idea:

Юрба [jurba] in Ukrainian means “crowd” or “swarm”. Our project should be based on strength of neighbourhood cooperation for local community crowdsoursing for community engagement and public policy making.
Based on experience of FixMyStreet, SeeClickFix, Near.ly, Peuplade, Yourstreet, NeighborForNeighbor and many others we plan to develop open source platform integrated with FrontlineSMS. The basic modules are communal services, transport, ecology, health, work&business, criminal, prices etc. Each citizen could inform about the problem and also send ideas how to solve the problem. Ideally it should integrated with twitter and facebook accounts of the community.

What country will this operate in?: Ukraine

Who are you?:

We are the group of political and communications studies in Rivne Institute of Slavonic studies. We have strong relations with municipal and regional authorities as well as NGOs, business, Universities. We are interested in innovative international projects in the field of eInclusion in Ukraine