On The Road, part 2: Southeast Europe.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve given presentations about this project, and about mySociety in general, to multiple groups in Tallinn, Vilnius, Kyiv, and Chişinău.

Over the next month I hope to give a lot more. But what I’ve learned from the last trip is how much smoother everything runs if there’s someone in each city helping arrange meetings for me: either setting up some 1-1 sessions with local groups or, ideally, bringing together a whole bunch of activists, hackers, and NGOs at once for me to present to and discuss the project with. So I’m hoping to find some helpful people who’ll volunteer to help with that in the places I’m going to in the next few months.

The fixed part of my schedule, is as follows:

  • Nov 21: Social Barcamp in Bratislava
  • Nov 27-29: “Nothing Will Happen” in Zagreb
  • Dec 2-3: “e-Society.MK” in Skopje

So around that, I’m thinking of a route something like this:

  • Nov 24 or 25: Ljubljana
  • Dec 5: Bitola/Ohrid
  • Dec 7: Tiranë
  • Dec 9: Priština
  • Dec 11: Podgorica
  • Dec 13: Mostar
  • Dec 14: Sarajevo
  • Dec 16: Banja Luka
  • Dec 18: Beograd
  • Dec 21: Sofia

If anyone in any of those cities would like to help put this all together with me, please, please, get in touch! And, even if you can’t help out, but would like to meet up when I’m any of these places (or know people I should talk to in them), again, please, let me know!

[Update 29/11: rearranged schedule slightly to add southern Macedonia, switch Tiranë/Priština, and add Banja Luka]

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