Getting closer – raising the awarness among local authorities

What problem are you solving?:

We want to establish a project interesting for children and youth, especially for those who are not poor. Established by the young is to create interesting propositions of spending leisure time. It should give them some answers for rankling them questions, provide some patterns and new forms of acting in a democratic society. There is a need to prevent social pathology and social poverty. Youth, having nothing to do, start to use drugs and to drink alcohol. The crime rate is increasing. There is a danger of excluding some groups of young people from the society and that can lead them to extreme forms of intolerance such as racism, xenophobia, anti-semitism and so on. As one of the priority we want to solve local problems using local potential. We want to give them interesting propositions of spending their leisure time so that they will not become members of the social marigin. The programme will be for both girls and boys. They co-operate in the sport and recreational activities.

Describe your idea:

For the project we will use for the first time well working internet website because so far we were using regular communication only because our website has technical problems and we cannot afford to hire a professional to make us and take care for the new web site. The direct benefit of this will be better communication with our target groups and we will be able to give particular information faster than before. People will also gain chance to meet new way of information. Through professional web site we want to rise the importance of the problems that neglected people have among local authorities. We want authorities to give biger attention to local problems. There is big distance between authorities and local people. We want them to get closer. We will be happy to share our ideas with other organisations form other cities and even countries.

What country will this operate in?: Poland

Who are you?:

Our mission is to generalise sport and physical culture, health prophylactic. We organise sport events mainly for amateurs but also for professionals. Our areas are local environments and area of the City of Lodz but we co-operate with similar organisations from Holland, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Slovakia. We try to help people who have social problems. One of our goals is to generalise sport among youth and children. We also help disability people to find their new way through sport.