Universal web platform for Civil Society in Newly Independent States

What problem are you solving?:

We are working on development of platform of content management systems for creation of multi-functional web-sites that would match the following criteria:

– security (keep data safe, and lower the risk of stealing, misusing and intervention as many of sites will be developed in difficult conditions – repression, pressure)
– usability (simple process of creation a web-site)
– accessibility (the platform must be accessible in different Cyrillic and other lannguages)
– open-source
All the existing open-source systems are either non-accessible in Russian (Ukrainian and other Cyrillic languages) or does not fully match all the mentioned criteria.

Such a system needs to be developed for the aims of non-state sector in Newly Independent States (post-Soviet countries), mainly for civil society organizations, youth groups, independent media agencies etc.

We would like to get the technical support, software advices ad general consultations in this project.

Describe your idea:

We are working on development of platform of universal engines – content management systems based on open-source approach that lets to create interactive multi-functional web-sites.

Preferably, the project will be developed on DRUPAL basis.

The target group for this project is:
CSOs, civil and youth groups from Ukraine and other CIS countries;
civil networks and communities: thematic, regional, international and interregional;
activists and authors of any civil initiative;

The engines need to include the following elements:
community web-site;
educational platform;
site for civil campaigns and urgent actions;
site for informational agency – news site;
Site for texts – publishing.

The universal content management systems need to be quite simple in creation and operation of web-site to make it available for non-professionals to create simply and fast the quite complicated web-site with proper variant of design.

What country will this operate in?: Ukraine

Who are you?:

I represent the International Youth Center “Human Rights and Civic actions”, based in Ukraine for support of yoiuth initiatives in Post-soviet countries.
We provide support to activists, NGOs and non-formal groups working on:
– defense of human rights;
– advocacy;
– anti-racism;
– ecological activists, etc.

We provide training, consultations, web-supports, solidarity actions, public campaigning and building networks.
We work in close cooperation with International Youth Human Rights Movement – the largest youth network working with human rights and civil issues in Europe and all over the world.