Truth o meter

What problem are you solving?:

Ever since the democratic change in 2000, Serbia’s political scene has been lacking one of the most important components of a truly democratic system: accountability. In addition to political parties being ideologically poorly defined, proportional representation system fosters elected representatives’ and civil servants’ loyalty to their parties instead of their accountability to voters. All relevant political polls conducted in the last several years show that citizen confidence in political elite readiness and will to introduce substantive changes has greatly deteriorated. The pressure from the civic and media sector has still been sporadic, unsystematic and inconsistent. Mechanisms to help voters remember all the un/fulfilled pledges, un/proven mutual accusations, and politicians’ programmatic/ideological in/consistencies during numerous election cycles have been severely lacking, as well as investigative journalism.

Describe your idea:

We aim to promote accountability in Serbia’s politics, to mobilize and empower citizens and NGO, and connect them in common efforts to create public pressure towards local and national officials’ accountability. Out of necessity to systematically combat (deliberate) oblivion climate in Serbian politics we created a beta version of the fact-check website that relies on an easily searchable database with public officials’ statements and compares them with their previous statements and official decisions. Full access will be free to all users.

We are committed to restrain any partisanship and encourage users’ active engagement in on-line discussions and contribution with their own research on accountability. We will reach out to prominent intellectuals, journalists, artists, sportsmen, etc. and offer them blog space at the website.

What country will this operate in?: Serbia

Who are you?:

LiNet is a nonpartisan, nongovernmental and nonprofit organization from Serbia. Founded in 2002 by a handful of young activists who wanted to present an alternative to Serbia’s increasingly inert civic sector, it currently has 4 project staff, 13 experienced trainers, and more than 50 volunteers throughout the country. Our trainers’ are experienced in areas of campaigning, communications, advocacy, negotiation, grass roots empowerment, and human rights.

Through trainings with international organizations (ISC, NDI) and implementation of its own projects LiNet has developed significant capacity in the area of advocacy and has worked with high school and university students and with local watch dog organizations. We also act as umbrella organization for small local NGO and students groups providing them capacity building and project development assistance.