Razglasaj – internet platform for transparent general elections in October 2010 in BiH

What problem are you solving?:

The elections in October 2010 in BiH will be a crucial point for both the political system and society in general in BiH, as well as civil society and its work.
Elections in the past have been full of broken promises, non-transparent pre-election campaigns, misuse of citizens’ trust and generally low turn-outs.
However, with the trust of the citizens being so low and the dissatisfaction with the current government being also critical (only some 15% trust the current government), together with the increase of internet usage and penetration (35% penetration – over 1.5 million people using internet), we find that internet could be the media that would be the focus point of all the people looking for total, transparent and comprehensive information about the elections in BiH.

Describe your idea:

We want to develop an internet platform that would consist of several things in order to create a set of tools that would guarantee that all interested can receive all comprehensive, total, transparent, up-to-date and accurate information about the elections. We would use following tools:
1. Internet web portal(www.razglasaj.ba) – Internet web portal would be the main „spot“ for the internet campaign. The site would have information on the elections regarding all candidates from all election units from BiH, constant news on elections, columns by citizens, interactive parts for campaigning and GOTV campaign volunteers, multimedia and much more.
2. Glasometar – Votemeter – computer application for testing the issue-oriented voter preferences and informing the public of the programs of political parties
3. Campaign on other portals, social networking sites, you-tube, blogs and other.

What country will this operate in?: Bosnia-Herzegovina

Who are you?:

This would be run by a network of several organizations coordinated by CA Why not and Citiyens’ movement Dosta! from BiH cities.

The organization works in BiH and has partners in most of the BiH local communities. We work with a staff of five (5) and have additional 15 external cooperators and over 200 volunteers that support our work.
We have three programs:
I.Citizens’ activism and government accountability
II.Regional demilitarization and creation of peaceful and safe societies
III.Independent culture support

We have implemented over 20 different campaigns and/or projects and we exist since 2001.

1 Comment

  1. I think that the internet is something that definitely can change public perception in B&H.
    Fact that 1/3 of citizens are using internet in Bosnia is something that needs to be used in overall campaign for overthrowing current system.
    I’m not sure if all the people using internet in B&H have the same political ideas, but more information are available and, by itself, more pressure on the current government.
    If you manage to take only 1/2 of internet using population to your site “Razglasaj”, then the strength of opposition will grove proportionally (probably).
    All in all, thank God that we do have chance to change something in Bosnia, and thanks to internet!