Web Tool For Public Debate/Dynamic Case-Study/Tunnel Blanka as a pilot project

What problem are you solving?:

– Lack of public debate on complex and complicated public matters (Projects (i.e. government´s and public authorities ideas/plans/projects)
– Lack of understanding of problems and relevant impacts.(concentrating important information and description of possible impacts of such Projects)- Lack of independent source of information. The Pilot Project: the Blanka project (Prague inner-city transportation circle tunnel:www.tunelblanka.cz), which has already started and is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2012. The project launch: end of May, 2010. The universal Web Tool should be available to public use for free.
– Lack of involvement of citizens in public debate and public processes.

Describe your idea:

The idea is a structured web site, in which each subpage category has its own editor and handles different topics. The main description page (DP) contains basic data known up to date, the discipline-related subpages (DRS) handle issues from the DP and other sources from their own discipline ( economy, ecology, etc), the synthetic page (SP) receives results from DRS. SP editor then prepares the material for (a) results of the debate in form of main issues that should be addressed to politicians, media, and wider public as topics to be debated & question asked within the public debate and (b) case-study that can be used to explain problems coming with such Projects. Structure and functionality: see the attached file with the chart. Data processed by the Web tool editors will be kept in databases freely accessible. Results will be under the public control and discussable at the Forum, which will be the basis for any Project-related discussions.

What country will this operate in?: Czech Republic

Who are you?:

I am an independent lawyer running a law firm (see www.kuceralegal.cz). As a side activity, I provide consultations on fundraising and other legal issues to NGOs (for instance www.nett.aid.cz, www.nadacevia.cz ,etc.). My idea on the organization of the project is that NGO that deals with city environment and city transportation would manage the day-to-day work (Auto-Mat) and I will become a part of a board of non-paid professionals to supervise the work i.e. to consult editors of individual pages and discuss management issues & development plan on regular project meetings. The Project Partners: IT/Site building, maintenance and development: Nexus (www.nexus.cz).Project
implementation and development: Auto-Mat (www.auto-mat.cz)