TID in CESIS („Today I decide” in Cesis)

What problem are you solving?:

1.Political apathy and lack of interest. In Latvia there are the lack of interest in the political process by population and passive civic participation, which is concerned with state of mind in society and political traditions. Only the people themselves can change and eliminate attitude – taking active participation and engagement, where they are perceived as equal partners of a regular dialogue developing. 2. Temporary emigration rate of Latvia has sharply increased. The majority of Latvian citizens are working outside Latvia. This means that the regions are losing their intellectual potential. The ex-residents of Cesis are active, patriotic, and inclined to act with interests for benefits of city, even then they do not live in their native region.

Describe your idea:

To create Cesis district population social network, using the competence and experience of the open source free software “TID+”, which has been used in society e-participation site TOM [Täna Otsustan Mina = Today I decide] in Estonia. It is a software and a set of documentation that were developed under a project co-financed by the European Union, under the eParticipation Preparatory Action. TID+ is aimed at governmental and non-governmental organizations that are looking for a solution to allow citizens to take the initiative in proposing and discussing new regulation. For detailed information: http://tidplus.net

In the site will be ensured such a activities:
 established and implemented an idea management tool;
 established voting tool on the proposals and decision-projects, organization of submitting the voted proposals to associated institutions;
 established registration tool for former Cesis distric countryman from all over the world.

What country will this operate in?: Latvia

Who are you?:

Cēsinieku klubs was established in 2001. It was found to encourage and unite former residents from town Cesis – in purpose to support the prosperity and welfare of the city and its current inhabitants. Main task of the club was to strengthen an economic and cultural relations between Cesis and Riga and other cities in Latvia. In 2001-2004 we have taken part in discussions about development plans of the the city, prepared the plan of ideas for Cesis 800rd anniversary celebration, have promoted economic, cultural and educational relation between Cesis and other cities, also maintained the connection between Cesis and its former inhabitants. Since 2005 our tasks were to participate enthusiastically in the organization of Cesis 800rd anniversary celebration, support socially unprosperous and low-income families, organize different educational and informational activities about career opportunities and professions for students, give financial and material support to schools.

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  1. I know from practise that civil society in local and regional level in Latvia has a potential to develop new and creative ideas and solutions for their community, and social networks here are really popular.