MyEconomy: Government’s Economic Policy is for people’s better standards

What problem are you solving?:

The economic turbulence as a result of global financial crisis has resulted in the lack of demand in the world markets to the Macedonian products and falling sources of finance. Investments, remittances, and employment rates have fallen.
As a response to this new situation, in Macedonia, there is no institution with proper website that would look to the economic turbulences and that would provide continuous response and advice on the economic issues.
The governments of the region of the western Balkans, when the crisis hit in September 2008, argued that they were immune to the crisis. In surveys, the economy has leapt to the top of voters’ concerns. Overall the public is scared and uncertain.
A website, with proper research and advocacy for dealing with the economic turbulences and how they affect the policies and societies in the field, may offset vulnerabilities of the economies. This is what the proposed project aims to do.

Describe your idea:

The idea is to build a website titled: MojaEkonomija (MyEconomy), that will properly disseminate and make the government’s economic policies visible and available to all relevant stakeholders. COFER will use the website to reach to the target groups, increase awareness on the policies and increase the input on non-governmental stakeholders in the adoption and implementation of economic policies. Besides website, there will Email distribution (from; Blogs; Picture, audio and video stories, etc.

What country will this operate in?: Macedonia

Who are you?:

Established in Skopje as a non-profit organisation, the Council on Foreign Economic Relations (COFER) conducts economic research and advocacy aiming for the development of Macedonia’s and Balkan’s economic, commercial, industrial and financial relations with foreign countries; COFER continuously analyses Macedonia’s and Balkan’s economic relations with other economies; and its advocacy arm makes effort to find new fields of economic cooperation of Macedonia and of Balkans with foreign markets.
The Council on Foreign Economic Relations (COFER) believes that economic integration and economic dialogue are crucial conditions for a prosperous and peaceful community.