Fix The Law

What problem are you solving?:

Moldova is a post-communist (or maybe even still communist) country, so the laws here are all messed up. Some of them are actually copy-pasted from Romania’s laws, with the name “Romania” still in the text of the law. Other laws are translated from Russian or English. The website is going to fix broken and bad laws and introduce new ones, based on what people want.

Describe your idea:

People should have the possibility to propose new law projects, discuss the pros and cons of those laws in a peaceful manner and then vote for or against it. The highest-ranked law ideas should be submitted to the Parliament or other institusions.

What country will this operate in?: Moldova

Who are you?:

I’m a 16 years old teenager, member of the Hyde Park NGO and the “Spirit Românesc” group. Hyde Park currently runs the most visited/popular democracy website in Moldova, Curaj.Net.
I have some basic coding skills in PHP and Javascript, but I can handle HTML/CSS websites pretty well. I’m not able to build a big website from scratch, but I can maintain/improve it.

1 Comment

  1. Hello, I am also from Moldova, so I am familiar with the problems that are here described. In my opinion, this idea is good…but I think it should be larger and not to be limited only to the “laws”. Because it exists the risk to tranform the website into a forum (where the laws are discussed)…as from proposing a law until its official approval its a long (difficult) way. And because, the official website of the Parliament offers to the Civil Society the possibility to comment the new drafts/proposal of laws and to come with suggestions.