Information of citizens on the work of Kosova Municipalities and increase the citizens’ participation in the decision making process

What problem are you solving?:

The problems that we are solving are to have more transparency in the Municipal Life during the Political, Economical and Social processes that Kosova is going for the moment .
These have influenced AKK to compile a strategy for actions in Kosovo, that will inform citizens regarding their rights and responsibilities, as well as efficiency and transparency of municipalities, produce comparative studies to evaluate the work of Members of the Municipal Assemblies as well as political entities, mitigate and influence citizens contribution in public policies in the other side.

Describe your idea:

Activities: In the created database, AKK will publish all draft regulation that is being reviewed in the Municipal Assembly’s. In addition to that AKK will create a virtual forum where citizens and interested NGOs could send their feedback to the published draft regulation. The most important and relevant feedbacks, AKK will send to the relevant Municipality, Committees of the Municipal Assembly which could incorporate them in the final versions of the draft regulation.

What country will this operate in?: Kosovo

Who are you?:

The background information on the AMK.

The Association of Municipalities of Kosovo (the AMK) is a non-governmental, non-for-profit organization representing the interests of Kosovo municipalities. Established in 2001, the AMK has, at the present time, 15 full time members of staff and is managed by the Executive Director.

The activities of the AMK are regulated by its statute. As stipulated by the statute, the AMK represents municipal interests in the central government institutions, provides advisory and technical services to the member municipalities.

At the present time, 29 out of 33 Kosovo municipalities actively participate in the work of the AMK and use its services.