E-democracy platform for BiH

What problem are you solving?:

The idea or the concept of direct democracy, or, for that matter, the participation of citizens in any decision making processes, is a new thing in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is something that the citizens are just not aware of, nor they have a feeling that they could participate and change anything.
This idea would address the problem of lack of involvement of citizens directly in the decision making processes and the problem of lack of tools for direct democracy in the legislative system in BiH. This problem would be mainly implemented through the ICT technologies, more specifically through internet, in order to emphasize its out-reach and potential, as well as practical usage of it.
The main problem we encounter when speaking about this is general inaccessibility of the government and decision makers in general to civil society, but also to citizens and public in general, in the process of making decisions, passing legislation, creating strategies or any similar issues.

Describe your idea:

With this idea we want to introduce a set of tools that would assist citizens in their direct approach to the decision making processes:

1. Otvoreniparlament.ba (OpenParliament) – a web site that would be a direct information and connection point of parliaments and governments in BiH and citizens and other civic initiatives:
a. Tracking all legislation proposed and passed
b.Tracking the work, commenting and vote record
c.Profiles, blogs and chats of members of parliaments
d.Different stats and similar ideas
f.Discussions on the budget

2. Direktnademokratija.ba (direct democracy) – a site that would explain all about direct democracy with the online campaign on it.

3. E-demokratija.ba (e-democracy) – a web site that would be intended to be a simulation of direct democracy where people would be able to give ideas, suggest legislation, vote for legislation and similar

What country will this operate in?: Bosnia-Herzegovina

Who are you?:

I’m a president of an Civic Association “Why not” from BiH and activist of Citizens’ Movement “Dosta!” (Enough!) from BiH.
The mission of our organization is to create a safe, healthy, active, effective and more responsible civilian society in BiH together with other civil society actors, institutions and individuals.
The organization works in BiH and has partners in most of the BiH local communities. We work with a staff of five (5) and have additional 15 external cooperators and over 200 volunteers that support our work.
We have three programs:
I.Citizens’ activism and government accountability
II.Regional demilitarization and creation of peaceful and safe societies
III.Independent culture support

We have implemented over 20 different campaigns and/or projects and we exist since 2001.

1 Comment

  1. It’s a shame that we have to struggle for worker’s rights in 21. century in this way. Some things and rights that are normal part of democracy in normal countries are only dream for us in Bosnia.
    I’m not clear if the workers are aware of their own rights, and why aren’t they fighting for them!?
    Even the ex-YU socialism had better standards and rights for workers! It’s like we traveled backwards all this years.
    And we have, if you think about this problem.
    Shame on our government(s)!
    Again, thanks to internet, we have a chance to change something!