Public Procurement Journal watch

What problem are you solving?:

Office of Public Procurement regularly publishes the Journal, the publication with information about procurement notices put out by state institutions. However, the Journal is rather difficult to search in its current form, providing only limited information. This makes it hard to find companies that surprisingly win a large share of government contracts. Up-to-date statistics are lacking for each institutions on how open their tenders are or how many parties took part in a tender. There are also no links to company register, which would enable visitors to see links to persons behind winning companies.

Describe your idea:

To create a site that would use all available disaggregated Journal information for comfortable user-friendly search in order to raise transparency in public procurement. To link winning companies to company register to see individuals behind contracts. To expand search criteria to volumes being contracted, company names, year of tender, number of participants. Make up-to-date statistics on who is winning most this year, which tendering methods are most used, how different sectors/products being tendered compare, etc.

What country will this operate in?: Slovakia

Who are you?:

TI Slovakia is a branch of Transparency International, a global anti-corruption watchdog.