What problem are you solving?:

The local city administration of Timisoara has a lot of good initiatives in promoting activities on they’re website ( and involving citizens off-line via the Neighborhood Consultative Councils ( . But even though a couple of years ago they had an active forum, they have deleted it some time ago.

Describe your idea:

Develop the CITY Wikipedia that allows every citizen to make it’s contribution and together get the City Hall to cooperate in a meaningful way, through various services.

Such a platform should:
– achieve large popular involvement and help run our city (City Hall employees can’t be everywhere at all times while the citizens can).
– maintain an Open Street Map overlayed with citizen reports
– digitize and maintain public interest documents
– keep track of current projects, draft norms of the public administration in a plain and clear language format and can answer direct question
– allot more that doesn’t fit in a 1000 word description

All the content of the project will be made available under CC BY-SA 3.0 Romania, while the software will be made available under a GPL license, making thus the whole system easy to replicate for any city in Romania or abroad.

What country will this operate in?: Romania

Who are you?:

I’m 31 years old and I live in Timisoara, Romania. I’m a IT developer and I own part of a web hosting company. I am also a member of APTI (Technology & Internet Association,

I believe that we can use the Internet to reshape our society for the better.

A basic idea of a wiki page has already been started a while ago at, with a couple of projects from the citizens side (Free WiFi Hotspots in Timisoara and a project for digitizing information regarding a nice locations in the city).