What problem are you solving?:

Properly accessible public data is rarely provided by the public sector. Most of the data published is burried in pdf and MS word documents, which are not easily reusable. Data publication discipline and quality need to be increased. We realize, that transparency, participation and empowerment are essential for gaining maximum effect. We will try to lower the entry barriers to participation and empowerment of citizens.

Describe your idea:

(meta)data.gov.hu intends to collect all public information sources, rate them, tag them with metadata and possibly provide the complete dataset in more processable and open formats to reduce entry barriers completely. Our goal is thus to establish an online infrastructure and community to
* kickstart the (re)use of public data,
* encouraging collaboration, (strengthen civil society)
* enhancing the existing data, offering raw data, (mashups)
* publishing the original OAI-PMH urls to the original data sources where available, (transparency)
* rating, cataloging tagging and publishing of governmental public information (accountability, empowerment)
* run public mash-up contests (transparency)
* help anyone preparing FOIA requests automatically and publishing of the results (http://www.whatdotheyknow.com/)
* strategic litigation: if necessary use the force of the law to free data sources
* contribution and implementation of public policies

What country will this operate in?: Hungary

Who are you?:

Currently we are: Dr. Mázsa Péter, Stefan Marsiske, Maróy Ákos, László Kürti, Péter Szakál. We are are a small group of concerned citizens, usually focusing on the deployment of various open standards in the public sector.