Web portal for e-democracy

What problem are you solving?:

*Implementing web portal for democracy
*Bigger transparency from public administration
*Education for democracy and human rights
*Giving more attention on right for citizens participation in politics and Governance projects

Describe your idea:

In Macedonia there are not NGOs working on this issue.
We like to develop a website for showing human rights.
With this web portal we expect easy and quick way to developing human rights, bigger transparency from public administration, participation from citizens in developing Governance projects etc.
With this web portal we like to inform citizens about their rights and we like to give more meaning on democracy in our country. We like to show that on new way, trough a web site which will be available for everybody trough private part (public administration and administrators of web site) and public part available for everyone

What country will this operate in?: Macedonia

Who are you?:

Our organization is considered by young specialists for IT, economy and human rights. We work on implementing websites with educational content for citizens in Macedonia. Also we have experts outside our organization.