What problem are you solving?:

Democracy works best when coupled with citizens’ interest and interaction. In Poland this is a problem with voter turnout oscillating around 50% and many people finding political life hard to understand or even unattractive. I want to change this. I want to give citizens modern, super-accurate, real-time control over the work of their deputies. The law creating process doesn’t have to be boring and with the help of the newest web 2.0 technologies it can be very clear and as exciting as using Facebook, Twitter or YouTube (my comparison is not accidental – please keep reading).

Describe your idea:

The citizen goes to elections and makes his vote. He or she logs on to a personal profile on and adds the new deputy to a personal “observed deputies” list, just like a “subscribe” mechanism on YouTube., powered by its innovative software, won’t let the user miss a single action made by the deputy.

An “observed deputies” mechanism is responsible for delivering the right content to users. All kinds of communication will be involved. Mail notifications, personalized RSS feeds, even Facebook and Tweeter integration. will make use of all available technology to promote transparency and citizen-control in the law creating process.

Example communicates that can be sent by service:
“Your observed deputy, John Kowalski, gave a speech on the topic of “Income Tax Law Amendment”. Read it>>”
“Your observed deputy, John Kowalski, voted against his own party on the topic of “Anti-corruption Law”. See details>>”

What country will this operate in?: Poland

Who are you?:

I’m a private individual, not associated with any social organization. I work as a CG operator and a music producer in a music television station. I also used to work as a websites programmer on a freelance basis, but gave this up after developing the idea about two years ago. Since then, I have worked alone on building software in my spare time. A few results of my work can be seen as a portal. Part of the features described above already exist but most of them are still under development. I feel like I’ve reached the end of my capabilities in working on the project by myself. In order to continue the professional development process I need financial support.