What problem are you solving?:

Providing to Moldovan and international internet users, particularly youth, the unbiased, democratic, interactive, equidistant, as-is information through live video-steaming coverage of various events from Moldova on www.Privesc.Eu and to engage them in democratic processes, events and new initiatives in the society.

As Internet penetration rate in Moldova grows about 50% yearly, there is a need for innovative projects to satisfy the need of Moldovan public for access to information online.
This is actual for over half a million Moldovan citizens working abroad those living in Transnistria breakaway region, which have Internet only as a source information.
Also there are no online tools for active youth to directly influence the events, which take place or to be engaged in decision-making processes.

Describe your idea:

We will offer live video streaming of important and/or low-exposed events, organized in the society or at project’s initiative and will assure communication between youth and participants at those events.
A large group of volunteers will be given opportunities for civic engagement by involvement in online and offline events and by working on project’s maintenance and sustainability. For reaching more internet users new strategies will be created and new promotional methods and tools designed.

What country will this operate in?: Moldova

Who are you?:

I’m a very active young person that is pursuing to positively impact the world around me, one step at a time. Everybody knows me as a person that always thinks positive and never gives up. When having difficulties, I’m doing everything only for find some best solutions.

I am the youngest member of the Privesc.Eu and the one who works the hardest for the project. Since the beginning of Privesc.Eu, I was the one to do all the field-work: to attend the events, set up the equipment and to live-broadcast online. I proved to be the heart-core of the project.

Meanwhile, I graduated the Financial-Banking College in Chisinau and was accepted to continue the studies at the Business and Public Administration department at the Free International University of Moldova. I’m eager to gain new knowledge and to apply it in a new, innovative and beneficial way.