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What problem are you solving?:

-In 2008, at the last elections in Romania(uni nominal vote for Parliament) only 39.26% of people participated(source:BEC “Central Electoral Bureau”).Tacking this into consideration, the lack of interest and participation of civil society in political life represents a big problem of democracy, on which we, the civil society, need to act on.

Describe your idea:

A tool for civil society that will increase transparency and accountability of political class.
This site will be divided in two main parts:1.laws that are proposed to be approved to the Parliament, people’s opinion upon each law through surveys and comparing graphics during and after the legislative process.Also we want to give chance to people of having law initiatives and arguments.
Once a month we will invite one of the Parliamentarians to an online chat.
We hope in future this site will also become a tool for Parliament in the relation with citizens.2.Providing information on groups of influence in the political life and mass-media.
This will empower civil society with a better understanding of politics and mass-media and support the transparency process. The purpose of our project is to rise the accountability of civil society to affront all the changes in our country.

What country will this operate in?: Romania

Who are you?:

OPAC- Organization For Art and Culture, is a young NGO founded in the beginning of 2009 by a group of young people with initiative. The aims of our organizations are related with arts, culture, youth, global issues, active citizenship, democracy and social inclusion.