Citybook of complaints

What problem are you solving?:

In every city there are all sorts of not good things: the broken roads, machines, telephone booths, old abandoned houses, environmental problems, which can be repaired or removed.

Whatever people might complain, write, photograph, discuss, vote, perhaps even to raise money for the repair or renovation.

It is even possible to install a few meters of radiation through the city, that would measure the background radiation online to Kiev (capital of Ukraine), which are located near Chernobyl, it would be very important.

Even if the Ukrainian authorities will still be on the existence of the Internet resource, the people themselves can cooperate to solve their problems.

Also on the site can be tracked most problem areas of the city

Who would be interested in this site
People living on in the area of the city, street, place
Authorities that would track the most problematic places that would point to the restoration
Just people who may be living in this location

Describe your idea:

It will be a social network with elements such as Digg and system for collecting money, where for every problem you can vote, negotiate, collect funds, to establish responsibility for solving this problem.

What country will this operate in?: Ukraine

Who are you?:

My name is Pavel
I live in Kyiv, Ukraine
I work as a web developer(Microsoft platform) and Open Source solutions, such as php, drypal, mysql