You promise … so keep it

What problem are you solving?:

Kosovo is preparing to organize local elections on 15 of November 2009, which are considered and the main test of the democracy processes and the skill of the Kosovo institutions to manage the situation and processes independently.
In our country who is still on transition development, during all the elections held, we heard about many promises, such as: road building, green parks, children’s places, sports hall for recreation, support for youth, students on health education etc.
Because of the reasons that we mentioned below and by considering that in Kosovo exist a strong democracy and freedom of expression is defined also in Constitution, our organization is planning to make a project proposal with a name “You promised … so keep it” which help the citizens that through the web page to see all the time the promises that the Mayors of Municipalities are keeping, promises that are negotiated and promises that are broken.

Describe your idea:

The aim of the project is to create a web page through which we will show the information about the Mayors and their promises during the election campaign in the 8 main Municipalities in Kosovo.
During the next 4 years of Mandate after they have been elected, these Mayors will be monitored by our organization by checking the keeping of their promises.

During all the time the web page will be updated with new information and every three month we will provide a briefly report every three month.
The project is based on main objectives as following
• Citizens will be informed about the performance of the Mayor of Municipality
• We will empower the democracy and raise the right of freedom expression by giving a space to the citizens to express their opinions about a specific issues in the municipality and possibilities of solving
• Through the web page, everybody can read information, vote on the voting pools about specific issues and bring out the data analysis

What country will this operate in?: Kosovo

Who are you?:

Our organizations mission is to empower the participation of the civil society in using the Information and Communication Technologies and also building a better strategy on establishing the new initiatives from the community on developing the digital.
In order to reach our mission, the NGO “Mediafleta” will be focused on the main components as follow but will not be limited strictly to them:
• Empowerment of the Democracy through the use of ICT (E-democracy)
Safety and Internet
• Human Resources Development and Capacity Building
• ICT Policy, Leadership and development of the research program
• E-learning, E-society and Digital Advocacy

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  1. To Whom It May Concern:

    If this is The Mediafleta NGO I know, where Blerton ABAZI is involved, they SHOULD be awarded the grant.
    Blerton is one of the best CSO activists in Gjilan and in Kosova/o. His NGO has gathered so many youngsters and had a great impact on the development of CSO in general.