Information of citizens on the work of the Assembly of Kosova and increase of the citizens’ participation in the decision making process

What problem are you solving?:

The Assembly of Kosova has its website which has the basic information on the functions of the Assembly, Presidency, Committees and MPs. However, Assembly of Kosova has not achieved to publish in its website the draft laws being drafted in the Assembly, electronic voting of MPs, Parliamentary questions addressed by MPs, as well as their presence in the Plenary Sessions and Committees Meetings. In this way citizens of Kosova have little information on the representation of their interests done by their MPs. Through the implementation of this project, citizens would have more information on the work of Assembly of Kosova and they will have more opportunities to be engaged in its proceedings. By offering to citizens more information on the performance of the current MPs, they will have an additional opportunity to reflect on how their MP-s have kept their promises given during the electoral campaign, and to think on how they will vote in the next elections.

Describe your idea:

Aim of the project is that through creation of a database of the Assembly of Kosova to narrow the gap between the transition of Kosovo society and the real democracy, by informing, increasing awareness and educate the citizens on how function the Assembly of Kosova, and as e result, improving the image of the Assembly and increase the public participation in the public policies.

Project Objectives

• Information of the citizens on the performance of the MPs of the Kosova Assembly;
• Increase the participation of citizens and Civil Society organizations in the lawmaking process;

What country will this operate in?: Kosovo

Who are you?:

I work at Kosova Democratic Institute as Program Manager of the Central Governance Project.

About KDI

KDI’s mission is to support democratic development in Kosovo by empowering nongovernmental organizations and citizens to enhance the transparency, accountability and responsiveness of governing institutions and improve the efficiency of these institutions through citizen participation in decision-making.


KDI aims to be regional organization that influences political processes by offering assistance in the process of democratization.

Organization Profile

The main constituency group served by our organization is:

• Citizens,
• Non-governmental organizations,
• NGO networks
• Formal and non-formal citizen and youth-based groups


  1. Tung Valmir. So where would you start with this? What information is already produced routinely in a digital format by the Kosova Assembly? For example, are there word for word transcripts of Assembly debates?