Prague Observer

What problem are you solving?:

We are trying to give transparent information(with the pros and cons of its own) regarding the Czech Republic to the foreigners who come to live in this country.

Describe your idea:

We are trying to provide the reality of the life in Prague and the Czech Republic to the foreigners who come to live in this country, Furthermore, our aim is not to show the beautiful sights that this country offers but to be transparent and truthfully on the Czech reality.It includes opinions from different people and different nationalities. We are trying to be diverse and real as well.

What country will this operate in?: Czech Republic

Who are you?:

We are a diverse group that consists of foreign as well as locals who have come together to establish a better reality.


  1. Since the Czech Republic is a post-communist country, it is still hard for people here to really understand and fully apply democracy. Our aim is to connect foreigners from western EU and the US with locals so they can share experiences in attempt to disintegrate this barrier of misunderstanding. We know from our own experience that Czech Republic suffers from corruption, racism etc… by connecting this type of people western Europeans & Americans who have lived with democracy for more than 50 years with locals we cam make a change.