What problem are you solving?:

Burocracy, Corruption, Conflict of Interests of Politicians, unfair competition, inefective governance, overcost of public sector, lack of clear goals and success measurements for public sector.

Describe your idea:

2 objectives:
1) Any citizen can have full undersnading of state budget stucture
2) Any citizen can be involved in defining goals and success measurements for gov.inst.

Both objectives are incorporated in one webpage where
1) Every government institution can upload they accounting books with detailed expenditure structure
2) (if gov.inst resist) Citizens can submit official request to inst. and when data recieved input the data in webpage manualy.
3) Citizens in the webpage can browse name of any gov.clerk or business entity and find how much money the particular entity has recieved from state budget
4) Citizens can bring to public attention cases of possible corruption;
5) Politicians (as well as citizens) on the website can define goals and measurements of specific institutions
6) Citizens can vote on priority of the goals
7) Citizens can follow how goals are reached;
10) Citizens can follow if spending of tax money corresponds with goals defined by public.

What country will this operate in?: Latvia

Who are you?:

Expert in process optimization and system thinking. Business consultant with experience in production and supply chain optimization. Former lecturer ar Stockholm School of Economics in Riga for ” Business Creativity” course. Currently Deputy Director in GRANDEG SIA ( Knowladge base: General System Theory, Lateral Thinking, Theory of Constraints, LEAN, SixSigma, Chaos Theory.

(for more goole: Pauls Irbins)


  1. I have embarked on a similar initiative in Latvia, focusing more on visualization of public data, especially info about the budget and public sector reforms, but I missing out on exactly that what Pauls proposes here. I hope this gets supported and we can work together.

  2. I was thinking out the same idea for Serbia. I find that the states of post communism suffer from the same social disorder. I find it quite targeted to “copy/paste” selected projects in all areas participants and citizens find it necessary. I think that such approach might have much bigger influence in social awareness in public affairs controlled by online democracy web projects.