Describe your idea:

Enter your details and get a complete list of benefits and help you could be entitled to. Generate letters/emails for the agencies (local and central) and the ability to create perhaps an XML for the agency to import into their systems.

Once benefits and allowances are entered, the system may be heuristic in the awards given and have the ability to generate “question” letters/emails so that if the system thinks that a benefit should be paid, or the award higher then the claimant can send these too.

What problem does it solve?:

The overly-complex, means-tested and time-tested benefits system is overbearing for some people and if they had a simple way to list and generate relevant letters, with follow-ups and result-checking, will allow claimants a better chance of getting all they are entitled to.

A what-if function can assess various scenarios to effect the “best” result based on the current details.

When changes to legislation is released, then everyone that is on the system could be notified if it has a material effect on their benefits.

Type of idea: A brand new project