Tweet Your MP

Describe your idea:

Tweet Your MP is essentially a Twitter and Google maps mashup that sends a tweet on your political views to the increasing number of MPs on twitter – the fast growing real-time social media phenomenon. If your MP is not on twitter a request will be sent to their inbox recommending they join the movement. Inspired by

What problem does it solve?:

Engage the public through social media and develop interest in the political system. Discover trending political topics at the heart of public opinion. Follow new local and national tweeters who share similar views. Decide if you agree or disagree with suggested legislation, plans and policy implementation. Receive a direct tweet from your local MP. “Share your opinion with your local MP and community”.

Type of idea: A brand new project


  1. Thanks Alice,

    Tweetminster is nice but it’s simply a stream of MPs tweets.
    Here’s what it doesn’t do:
    1. Show what users are tweeting to their politicians about
    2. Allow users to tweet on recent/proposed policies – hence create trending topics
    3. Allow users to follow other twitterers with similar political view points
    4. Has a very limited user interface Tweet Congress does a much better job overall.

    Any disclaimers I should know about Alice 🙂

  2. No disclaimers, just a fan of not re-inventing the wheel 🙂

    tweetminster livewire does 1) and 2).

    I don’t know what plans tweetminster has, but am sure more features are in the plans.