The Sixty Seconds Project

Describe your idea:

The Sixty Seconds Project is a microsite aimed at providing a a single-page simple-to-use download option to allow people to sign up to the World Community Grid. The site is to be promoted by ISPs who would send out an email to all of their home customers on the same day in a specific country, starting with the UK, the volume making it newsworthy.

Full proposal can be emailed at your request.

What problem does it solve?:

The WCG aims to use the spare processing time of computers to number-crunch data that can be used to find drugs to treat cancer, HIV, TB, find clean energy solutions and end world hunger, to name but a few (more details at

The Grid only has 145,000 active users globally and the software has some usability issues; so I’ve already written up a proposal for IBM on how I’d like this to work, including usability improvements and with identified contact at BT, Virgin (prospective route, through one of your members), and additional contacts with design, hosting and CDN.

Type of idea: A campaign or PR drive

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  1. This reminds me of the Seti@home project run out of Berkley ( An excellent idea still. A little unsure on what data needs crunching and which sort of companies benefit in the end (pharma?) but on balance better value than looking for aliens.