SEE What You Are Buying Into – unleashing the people power

Describe your idea:

Make business accountable by using people power on the internet.

The SEE scheme is a radical way for companies to be honest and transparent about their Social, Environmental and Ethical (SEE) policies, practices and impacts. Their information is published on Web users comment, rate the information and suggest new companies to participate.

The SEE scheme employs basic Web 2.0 tools. We know that the information gathered can be used to greater effect via mashups, plug-ins for social networking and tools for delivery via mobile devices.

The more people know about and use the site, the greater the expectation on every business that it should be publicly accountable – and the better the world will be.

What problem does it solve?:

Helps consumers make informed, sustainable purchasing choices.

Overcomes lack of transparency in business practices.

Makes business accountable to all stakeholders.

Removes barriers to trust between consumers and business.

Makes businesses part of the solution in creating a fair,
sustainable future.

Type of idea: A campaign or PR drive


  1. I wanted to post an idea, but was too late for submissions.

    I would attach the following to this post. In addition to the above, contracts between private sectors and government bodies/local authorities, etc are often poorly written, and yet too late to get out of – once signed. The website could point out the ‘potholes’ and identify companies that got away with the ‘crime’. It would almost be a ‘Lessons to be Learned’ website. Public bodies themselves should post these comments.

  2. Hi. (Thanks for your post Stevan Akrap)

    Just wanted to add that our “campaign for business transparency” ideas have come on leaps and bounds since this proposal was submitted. We should be able to add a link here to some of this and some of the thinking that has already been done re, what are the right Web 2.0 bits for SEE?

    Thanks for listening, M