It’s your money

Describe your idea:

site to report Public Sector Waste (of money) to public authorities

A lot of the WhatDoTheyKnow code could be used and some of the data.

You suggest a way to cut waste [for a specific public authority],
estimate a saving, explain basis of estimate. You say what the loss
of service might be. This then gets sent to the authority.

Perhaps savings could be expressed more meaningfully as £2m (or
£200,000 library books …)

Nothing personal, illegal, offensive would be allowed.

Even the poorest in society pay VAT and we all suffer if money is wasted.

What problem does it solve?:

– waste in the public sector
– lack of accountability of some public authorities (e.g. quangos)
– lack of money for things that really matter
– no need to make a profit in the public sector can mean costs are not looked at in the same way

Type of idea: A brand new project

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