Dear Future From Me

Describe your idea:

1- I have a current social issue regarding health, environment, crime, taxation, energy etc

2- I put this my wishes, concerns etc into an online letter and select which governmental department or area I want it to be sent to in the future

3- It will ONLY be sent in 4 years time or beyond to the NEXT person in charge of a certain area. For example, if I have an issue with how the current Mayor of London is doing – I can write a future letter to his successor outlining my current concerns and what I want to be done when he arrives in that period

4- Whoever succeeds the current people in power will then be able to read these concerns sent to them from the past

What problem does it solve?:

It proposes the idea that things will get better in the future.

People can write an email or online letter to the future members of government that will be in power in the next 4 years and beyond.

I could write a future letter to the PM of the year 2109 and tell him how I hope he will change things for the better.

It will be nostalgia mixed with elements of prophecy. Can what we hope for now affect the future of the next 100 years ?

All correspondence sent online to the future will be stored as a digital archive time capsule.

Future leaders of society can look back and see if they have delivered on what the letters from the past asked for.

Type of idea: A brand new project

1 Comment

  1. interesting idea. I think the delivery time should not be X years after it is written – it should have meaning.


    -Send the new Prime Minister this email on the day (s)he takes office
    – …after (s)he has been in office one year
    -…when (s)he has 100 days left in office
    – on 1 January 2010

    I also think there should be a site that makes it easy to email public officials/departments etc right now surely that is what the majority of people would want to happen with their email.