Describe your idea:

Enables you to see how society lived and functioned during the past 100-200 years and who were the people in charge – their laws and it’s effect upon society and overall progress and change.

I could see how areas of the UK have changed for the better or worse over the past 200 years. This could be in terms of crime, health, wealth, environment etc.

Did the people in power make a difference or took away the difference ?

What problem does it solve?:

If you do not know where you came from you will not know where you are going.

It enables you to compare how society was during the past 100-200 years with current conditions.

Was society better during the 60s or was it better under Queen Victoria in the 1800s ?

How has society moved on and WHAT were the defining turning points over the past two centuries?

Finally it enables you to figure out WHERE and WHAT year would you choose to live in society ?

Type of idea: A brand new project

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