Describe your idea:

Enables anyone to create their own treaty under various types – personal, local, national, international, bilateral, peace, social etc.

It could be between two people, a community(s), nations, social classes, countries, businesses etc.

I could create my own treaty between me and an indigeious tribe in the amazon. It would be an agreement in ways I could help them and they could help me.

It would serve multiple purposes in the sense that it creates an agreement pact for all sides concerned coupled by action.

In the past it has been used to end wars, build trade, release prisoners, create free trade areas etc.

What problem does it solve?:

The earliest known treaty was in 1283 BC between Ramses II and Hatusilli III after the battle of Kadesh.

Current and future treaties include The Constitutive Treaty 2008 to establish Union of South American Nations and The Substantive Patent Law Treaty (pending).

My idea will enable anyone, anywhere in the world to create agreements between one another, communities, nations and governments to bring about change and foster progress for all sides concerned.

Type of idea: A brand new project