The People’s Vote

Describe your idea:

Building on ‘MyParliament’, where the public can register their personal vote on bills / early day motions, to get a “people’s vote”.

Make it more fun by letting you build a portfolio of proxies who can use your vote when you don’t use it yourself. Your fantasy government, made up of your friends or colleagues or celebrities – whoever you like on Health, Education, Culture etc.

Integrate it with Twitter so you can assign your vote to anyone. After 1000 people have assigned their vote to Stephen Fry, for example, he may be inclined to check it out and vote on a bill with the power of 1000 votes. Get a couple of high-profile twitterers battling on a vote with lots of followers and it becomes a good PR story.

What problem does it solve?:

Provides a citeable survey of where the voters stand on each issue.

Engages people with the parliamentary process, and gives them a direct channel to register their opinions on individual issues.

Fun, while provoking interesting discussions if the People’s Vote is hugely different to the real vote….

Type of idea: A brand new project