Quango Web

Describe your idea:

It’s a website that’s a kind of directory/map of quangos, and the like. The core idea is to show how all the various quangos relate to each other, government departments, local government, other bodies, etc. This could be presented diagrammatically as a kind of quango web. Information would be available about each quango (and related bodies), as in a detailed quango directory, along with information on the interrelationships between all these various bodies. The quango web would also be searchable in various ways, with tag clouds for example, so that people can find quangos relevant to their needs.

What problem does it solve?:

Quangos often seem remote, unreachable, unseen, and unaccountable. But they’re an important part of our state/society. Most of us know of only a very few, if any, quangos, and often without even knowing that that’s what they are. Most quangos are unknown, or barely known, to most of us, even if they do affect us in various ways. Even so, most of us have heard of them, are aware that there are many of them, that they’re publicly funded, and have public responsibilities. There is a democratic need to make quangos a lot more accessible, and that’s the problem this idea would seek to solve.

Type of idea: A brand new project

1 Comment

  1. I like this, but it also needs to include the details of Quango Board members, when they have the AGM, appointment process etc to be useful. It will need the Quango’s to participate and it may be useful to turn into a resource for them to develop a consistent information platform.