Describe your idea:

Base-camp for independent candidates in 2010. Guide on how to stand and win.

Check out local independent candidate; volunteer to help; make donations to ican2010.

(A million fivers is really buying in to democracy.)

Links to other My Society projects. Guidance on dialogue with electorate via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. Tips on managing the media, marshalling volunteers and canvassing.

But who’ll see it? Web-watchers?

No, millions.

This is big news. Articles > hits. Viral > hits. Hits > donations. Donations > advertising. Advertising > more hits. ican2010 = the hub of a peaceful democratic revolution.

Our forebears bled to earn the democratic machinery at our disposal.

Let’s use it.

What problem does it solve?:

The party had its use. Now it’s hijacking democracy. The whip keeps MPs on message but out of touch with you&me.

Haven’t you had a bellyful of this cosy cartel where the only distinction is the colour of the rosette? ican2010 offers a channel for public passion.

ican2010 reconditions our democracy by empowering free-thinking individuals loyal to country not party. Not careerists, activists rooted in their community.

Until now this was sky-pie. The party machine beat the indie every vote. The web has changed that. Now an Independent can get their message across as well as web-Cameron or you tube Brown.

Post election, ican2010 will support Indie MPs and – working with mysociety’s other projects – keep them accountable.

Type of idea: A campaign or PR drive


  1. I like the name. Reminiscent of Obama’s “Yes, we can.” Was that intentional?

    What makes this the best idea for me is that it recognizes the internet is key – because it has changed the odds in a general election – but equally recognises the fact that, like me, not everybody spends their time scouring the internet.
    So writing and advertising in the papers as well is smart.

    No use having a big democratic idea if only web-dwellers get to see it.

  2. anything that will put pressure on politicians to give a straight answer to a question gets my vote. More independents that can say what they think could help. i saw the Danish PM interviewed once and he was a normal human being who was prepared to admit to the truth, i was stunned!

  3. Good basic concept and a practical idea. I can see how this could help independents work independently and together, if that’s not a contradiction, but also encourage them to keep to their mandate.
    I’d also expect it to be a 2-way street with info flowing from electorate to elected as well as the other way.
    In combination with other ‘mySoc’ sites as suggested this could be really powerful in promoting the accountability of our elected rep’s and improving the transparency of government.

  4. Great idea really love the name it’s positive and iconic! Iindependent could make a real difference. This definitely interestse and getsy vote !

  5. gets my vote!! never been a more prescient time for this – until the power to make/break policy is wrested from the clutches of the vested interests and devolved back once more to people committed to the good of others and country we cannot say we have a true democracy. this idea could mobilise the voices of the silent masses to be heard and enable real change in government. i like the name – ican not ‘we’can – as it emaphasises that if it is to be it is up to me and that the more people that really believe it and speak up for what is right vs what is best for the moneyed interests grasping at a corrupted status quo then the more the elected ones will represent the real will of the people. check out mybarackobama.com for ideas – set up a main site and have every independent linked to it via sub-sites – make it as easy as poss for people to donate to their chosen indy candidate(s). donations can be used for costly campaigning (TV etc) – candidates who get elected to give weekly feedback on their progress towards accomplishing election promises – what/who is working for them & what/who is blocking them. look forward to seeing this idea enacted.

  6. Sounds like a recipe for disaster and chaos, nice one John.
    Still, if you manage to raise all that money I’ll come and help you spend it, that’s the sort of party I understand. Maybe not such a mad idea after all.

  7. I think this is a useful platform for stimulating discussion about how this could be made to work. Current party leaders have a huge team behind them in order that they can manage all aspects of government. How will Indie MPs work together in order to meet these demands without a party line coming into play?

  8. Good work John. After you’ve been in power three years can we agree that you’ll hand it over to me for my turn?
    Seriously tho’, harnessing the power of the Net is the way to go. Godspeed.

  9. What have you got in place to stop the government from either infiltrating or copying your web site’s with a similar name or a parallel idea they want to work for them.
    As in the past i know they did this with the Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Great Britain and created a parallel party with very similar first letters but were in fact a Facist Party that caused mayhem at demonstrations.
    In other words how are you going to stop the bureaucrat’s scupering your good work.